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By choosing Avice Group company, you get:

timely deliveries to anywhere in Europe

contact with us 24/7

integrity and safety of your cargo

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About Us

We are an international transport company Avice Group. 365 days a year we are engaged in cargo transportation. Delivering cargo even to the farthest corners of Europe.

Our team has excellent drivers who have been trained and have extensive experience in cargo transportation. At the same time, delivering quickly and efficiently. Thanks to our leaders, we monitor our machines and your cargo 24/7. By giving this guarantee, the integrity and safety of the goods.

We prefer fast loading and unloading. To save time, we do everything quickly to hit the road. Since we have vast experience, transporting cargo of different sizes, shapes, different destinations, as well as ADR cargo, is not a problem for us. Our leaders drive cars 24/7, paving the route and helping drivers gives us the advantage of delivering your cargo twice as fast. And guaranteeing its integrity and safety.

We are focused on direct work with our customers. We discuss all questions, suggestions and desires. Our client is important to us.